“Equality Begins in the Womb”

By Sammie Gallo, Creator of Abundant Life: You Were Made for More

What does equality mean?

From our nation’s birth, our founders recognized the dignity inherent to all people, making each one of us equal in our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Because of this, Americans have fought for centuries to advance equality for every person, regardless of race, sex, or disability status. It has taken centuries, but discrimination is now acknowledged as unacceptable just about everywhere in America.

Well, for every people group except the unborn. The little people that Jesus teaches us time and time again in the Bible to become more like are casually talked about as “clumps of cells” and legally killed on a daily basis. That might be rather graphic, but the scariest part is, the majority of Americans don’t even see abortion as discrimination – they see it as freedom and the power to choose.

Americans discriminate against children in the womb routinely, with disastrous effects to our nation, family structures, communities, identities, and overall definition of personhood and humanity.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. It’s inconsistent to send the message that a disability makes a child in the womb “lesser” than their healthy counterparts, but that same disability has no impact on their dignity and worth later in life. And it’s frankly unreasonable to expect such discrimination to magically cease at the moment of birth. By promoting abortion for children with disabilities, abortion advocates deny the dignity and worth of all people with disabilities. Similarly, when society sanctions a mother’s “right” to abort her child based on the child’s sex, we are sending the message to everyone that one sex is “better” than the other.

Discrimination, therefore, begins in the womb. If we discriminate between unborn children, choosing who shall live and who shall die based on immutable characteristics, what is to stop us from doing the same to them throughout their life?

This is why I believe the ySummit & March for Life are so important. It’s where we can come together as the Church and really dive into how we fight for the unborn. I’m so excited to be speaking on that topic and to reframe the narrative around what it really means to be “pro-life;” it begins with us. With how we live. With our actions… not just our words. It begins with how we view the sanctity of life in our own lives and in our relationships.

If we can do that, we won’t need feminism or choice, or abortion to fix a problem we had the answer to all along. The answer is Jesus. He transforms our souls. He transforms our lives. He transforms our relationships.

Come join us at the ySummit on January 20, 2021! If you are in the Falls Church, VA area – here is a link to participate in person. If you can’t make the trip, or you’re in a different time zone – don’t worry! There is a virtual option, which gives you access to the event for 60 days. We’d love to have you join us – the Church has such an important role in this fight. Gen Z has such an important role in this fight.

It starts with you. It starts with me. It starts with us. Let’s do this together.