Engage Teens

Resources for Teens

If you’re a student and are interested in learning more about what God says about relationships, sexuality, dating, and all the topics in between, this is where you want to be!

Resources for Parents

As the primary nurturer and biblical authority over your children, thank you so much for investing in your teens’ relationships. It’s vital that you create conversations with them and a safe space for them to process through developing and maintaining relationships, whether that be friendships or romantic relationships. Check out these resources we’ve compiled to partner with you in pointing them to the Gospel in the midst of these conversations!

Partner with Parents
Equip Youth Leaders

Resources for Youth Leaders

These resources are part of our effort to equip youth leaders to have Gospel-centered conversations about relationships and cultural topics with their students within the Church. We know that students are heavily influenced by whatever environment they are in AND that they desperately want to hear these topics talked about in the Church. We hope you find these resources helpful and that the Lord would use them to speak to you about sheparding the students He has placed in your ministry!