The Next Generation: Catechism in Family Prayer

Written by Rev. Aaron Buttery, Provincial Canon for Next Generation Leadership Initiative (NGLI)

What would it look like to see generations of young people formed to have the mind, heart, and actions of Jesus? We would see young people who think, feel, and express the life of Jesus with joy, confidence, and peace. And, frankly, the Anglican church is the best place for this formation. We live from ancient practices that are more stable than any cell phone, we proclaim mystery each Sunday that keeps us rooted in both truth and humility, and our biblical convictions give us freedom to engage differing beliefs with both clarity and kindness.  This is what young people deeply desire in a church to explore their identity, belonging and purpose.

The Student Leadership Network of NGLI is here to help churches and dioceses across our province to do just that! The Student Leadership Network (SLN) has 5 key values; one of them is household faith. We know that parents are the primary spiritual influencers of their children and youth. So we designed a gift for parents and young people to help support household faith. We integrated our catechism with the BCP Family Devotion for a daily guide in prayer, scripture, and catechesis. The Catechism in Family Prayer gives parents and parishes a ready resource to encourage the formation of students to have the mind, heart, and actions of Jesus. This free digital resource takes 15 minutes each day to support a habit of BCP prayer, learning through the catechism, and strengthening household faith. (The print version from Anglican House Publishing should be available Dec. 3, 2023 for the beginning of a new liturgical year!)

As the director of the Student Leadership Network, and the Provincial Canon for Next Generation Leadership, I hope to partner with parents, parishes and the whole province to raise the next generation of Anglican Leaders. We have coaching, grants, and communities ready to support your ministry. If you are curious about how NGLI or SNL can support you, please see more at or complete this simple questionnaire.

Rev. Aaron Buttery is deeply committed to the raising of generations of spiritual leaders and followers of Jesus. He is a 20+ year next generation ministry leader, a two-time church planter, and currently an executive leadership coach with Spiritual Leadership Inc. He is particularly focused and passionate about the relationships and systems that empower people to follow Jesus and lead others to him. Aaron currently leads as Associate Rector of International Anglican Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Next Generation Leadership for the Diocese of Churches for the Sake of Others (C4SO).